Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much has been going on professonally with Anna but personally alot of congrats should be done. Congrats to Anna’s brother on his marriage. Also I know we are aboout five months late but Anna turned 25 in February. Also Anna is back to blonde and looks great.

Get Well Soon Anna!

Anna has recently been in the hospital. She posted a picture on her Instagram of her in a hospital bed saying “After 2 days in the hospital I am finally home” She went on to say she had air outside of her lungs and that she is in pain but the medication is helping. After about five days after she posted the picture she posted another one of her in a hospital bed saying “back again… this sucks… #notlovinglife”. Anna has told us she has a punctured lung. I pray Anna recovers soon and fast. YOU ARE IN OUR PRAYERS ANNA!! GET WELL SOON!

Anna Is Back In The Studio

Anna has been in Sweden since July and has recently been working on music there. She has posted some pictures on her Instagram account from the studio Song Acadamy and one that states she had meetings all day. Can’t wait to hear new stuff soon.


More Pics From Anna’s Bridal Shoot

I came across two pictures from Anna’s Melanie Shelleen Bridal Shoot. I have never seen them before Anna looks beautiful.